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Recruitment Solution

Glenmore Ventures Pty Ltd is a support solutions company focused on connecting qualified professionals with right organisations for short-term or permanent placement.

We provide staffing solution to organisations nationally and Internationally with a pool of experienced employees on Casual, Part time or Permanent basis. We took pride in our end to end recruitment solution, from recruitment, training , professional development.

GV provide talent acquisition services for permanent roles from student services right through to executive management. As the recruitment firm in the education sector, We continues to offer outstanding , boutique solutions to whatever recruitment needs your institution may have.

Professional Development

GV offers a market leading suite of professional development workshops to turbo charge your career by hooning your skills to understand the many aspects of working life. Our workshop are design to address the customer needs and business needs.

Covering everything from managing your own time, workload and priorities through to dealing with difficult people and being more resilient, these programs will provide you with the tools you need to be truly successful.

Resources Development

We researched that off-the-shelf material usually does not meet the high standards of our RTO needs. Quality material can’t be produced without developing customised resource solutions. If you are looking for good outcome of your training programs, then provide us opportunity to work closely with your esteem organisations.

At GV we have a highly skilled and experienced team of Learning Resource Developers and Instructional Designers to develop quality, engaging customised and bespoke learning resources for any project. Our team is selected on the basis of their qualification, work experience and their understanding of Australian Qualification Framework.

We can develop resources for all modes of training including Class room, online or blended. We have experience in developing compliant learning resources for RTOs & other education institutes. Contact today and brief us your requirements, so that we can provide you with customised solutions for all your resources needs.

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Glenmore Ventures provides growing services from Permanent or Temporary Placements to RTO Compliance Support and Validation, and even confidential Executive Recruitment.

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